Functional Microbiome Therapies


Based on our research, we believe that the common denominator underlying each intestinal microbiome is a network of interconnected,  interdependent and essential metabolic functions for the host and the microbiome.
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Pharmabiome has developed unique technologies to access these functional groups of bacteria and then design and produce functional consortia at scale. Read about our differentiated technologies

We are a pre-clinical stage spinoff from the ETH Zurich, combining key expertise in the microbiome, biotechnology and the molecular disease mechanisms that involve the microbiome.
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Our Vision

We unlock the therapeutic potential of the microbiome through our deep understanding of microbial function, host-microbiome interactions and disease-specific dynamics, enabling us to discover and develop therapeutics and bring the hope for cure to patients.

We strive to become the leading global experts in the development of bacterial consortia based on mixed cultures. Our mission is to unlock the therapeutic potential of the microbiome through a deep understanding of its function and the disease-specific dynamics.

Why Microbiome Function Matters

Research informs our belief that the smallest relevant biological unit is function, delivered by a network of intestinal bacteria. Bacteria need to interact in a functional network and achieve a balance so that the microbiome can work.

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Science of the Microbiome as a Network

The human microbiome fulfills a variety of functions. Each function is encoded in a set of bacteria that each have several functions under different circumstances. A bacterial consortium needs to be versatile, balanced and cover all the essential functions.

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Our approach

We take a bottom-up approach and engineer bacterial consortia based on their interactions. Our deep under-standing of function drives the selection of individual strains and our technology to co-culture them is groundbreaking.

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Microbiome therapies go beyond FMT and are targeted to introduce a functionality. Starting with the biology of a specific disease, a tailored consortium of bacteria is mixed and co-cultured to reverse a dysbiosis.

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World IBD Day reminds us of the high remaining unmet medical need

For IBD Day 2019 we have supported a video artist who sheds light on the unmet medical need. Addressing the microbiome may open the door to a curative therapy.

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Seal of Excellence (Horizon 2020)

PharmaBiome was awarded with the seal of excellence from the European Commission Horizon2020 programm …

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PharmaBiome Founder recognized as Biotech Entrepreneur

PharmaBiome founder and leader Tomas de Wouters recognized …

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Tomas de Wouters interviewed by Labiotech

Philip Hemme from Labiotech interviews Dr. Tomas de Wouters about our unique approach to functioning bacterial mixes …

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PharmaBiome among the Top100 Swiss Startups

We are happy to be included in the list of the top 100 startups in Switzerland. The third time is a charm …

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Winner Spark Award 2018

PharmaBiome wins the ETH Spark Award 2018. We are proud to be ETH’s most promising invention filed for patent in 2017.

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Horizon 2020 SME grant for PharmaBiome

PharmaBiome receives the SME Instrument Phase I grant from the European Commission’s Horizon2020 programme. The highly competitive programme …

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Venture Kick Global Shaper 2015

The public was invited to vote for the venture-supported startups of the last 12 years and nominate the companies that have the potential to change the world.

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PharmaBiome listed among the Top100 Startups in Switzerland

PharmaBiome is again listed among the Top100 Startups in Switzerland.

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PharmaBiome enters the Top100 Startups in Switzerland

PharmaBiome enters the Top100 Startups Switzerland ranking. Tomas de Wouters introduces PharmaBiome to investors and entrepreneurs.

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