PharmaBiome Welcomes New Board Members and Raises CHF 1.75 Million Capital

July 08, 2020

PharmaBiome announces the election of Dr. Thomas Meier as Chairman of the Board and Dr. Patrik Forrer as a further new Board member. We successfully raised new capital in the amount of CHF 1.75 million to bridge to a planned Series A financing.

Press Release

PharmaBiome is finalist of ZKB Pionierpreis 2020

May 25, 2020

Our pioneering efforts are awarded a price!  PharmaBiome AG is proud to be a finalist of the ZKB Pionierpreis 2020. Our congratulations go to Microcaps, the winner and fellow ETH-SpinOff.

BaseLaunch finances PharmaBiome

January 16, 2020

PharmaBiome is among the top three startups in the BaseLaunch accelerator program. We are proud to receive this prestigious grant and are eager to turn our learnings from this great initiative into action.

PharmaBiome selected for ZKB Pionierpreis 2020

January 14, 2020

The new year starts with positive news – PharmaBiome AG is among the Top Ten startups selected  for the ZKB Pionierpreis 2020! We are happy that the jury recognized the potential of our disruptive approach. We look forward to presenting at the final competition on April 22.

PharmaBiome selected for BaseLaunch

October 3 2019

PharmaBiome is proud to be among the 15 companies selected for the BaseLaunch Accelerator Program. BaseLaunch supports and de-risks promising healthcare start-ups and supports them to establish in the Basel biopharma ecosystem. We are excited to be part of BaseLaunch and look forward to learning from the great team.

PharmaBiome recognized by De Vigier foundation

May 27, 2019

PharmaBiome was recognized as a winner of the 2019 startup competition by the De Vigier Foundation. Supporting startups since 1989, the foundation recognizes and fosters entrepreneurship. This year’s winners were selected out of over 200 applications. Tomas de Wouters accepted the price on behalf of the PharmaBiome team, reflecting the important progress that we are making towards developing microbiome-based therapies for life-changing diseases such as ulcerative colitis, cancer and graft-versus-host disease.

World IBD Day reminds us of the high remaining unmet medical need

May 19 is World IBD day and we are reminded of our goal to help patients who are suffering from inflammatory bowel disease. Currently there is no cure for these debilitating diseases that change the lives of millions of patients and their close ones around the globe.

At PharmaBiome, we are passionate about the microbiome and its therapeutic potential. Our lead compound is rapidly advancing towards clinical testing in ulcerative colitis. In honor of World IBD day, we have supported video artist Doris Oberneder’s perspective on ‘Real talk about intestinal bacteria – is there hope for a cure to IBD?’. It features Bruno Giardina (President Crohn Colitis Switzerland), Gerhard Rogler (Head of Gastroenterology at Zurich University hospital) and Tomas de Wouters (Co-founder and CEO of Pharmabiome).

President of Crohn Colitis Switzerland Bruno Giardina explains the unmet medical need in IBD

Seal of Excellence (Horizon 2020)

PharmaBiome was awarded with the seal of excellence from the European Commission Horizon2020 program. We are proud to receive this recognition of the highly competitive SME Instrument Phase 2 call.

PharmaBiome Founder recognized as Biotech Entrepreneur

Labiotech together with seasoned biotech entrepreneurs generated a list of some of the most inspiring leaders behind the new generation of biotech companies in Europe. Dr. Tomas de Wouters was announced as one of the Top 10 Young European Biotech Entrepreneurs 2019.

Tomas de Wouters interviewed by Labiotech

Philip Hemme from Labiotech interview Dr. Tomas de Wouters to learn about our path to the clinic and our proprietary approach to functional microbiome therapeutics. Check out the video: